Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Custom Wallet Case (Full Printed)

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - Custom Wallet Case (Full Printed)

Tired of staring at the same old phone cases and thinking none of them is really you? Maybe it’s time you got creative and made a custom Galaxy S21 Ultra wallet case? Don’t have a creative bone in your body? No problem, all you need is your favorite pics and a few minutes to spare. We’ll do the rest. In fact, we’ve already done it with our easy-to-use online customizer tool. Just upload your pics, follow the steps and your all-singing, all-dancing design will be on its way! A custom wallet phone case Galaxy S21 Ultra that’s uniquely you.
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A wallet case is a great choice when it comes to protecting your phone, as every part is wrapped-up neatly inside and protected whether it’s in your pocket, bag or slipping out of your grasp! And there’s more great news on that front, as this full-print version gives you extra space for your design – no dull blank spaces for you! We make sure that any personalized Galaxy S21 Ultra wallet case you order from us is a top-notch product, a quality case with access to all toggles and buttons plus wireless charging that also protects your phone. Our quality promise doesn’t stop there either, it applies to our printing and service too. We print your design the day we get it, and we do it using UV printing for excellent results with sharp lines and bold colors that won’t fade or rub off. Your Galaxy S21 Ultra custom wallet case will look gorgeous for ages.

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More Information
Type Device Galaxy S21 Ultra
Printing: High resolution, UV print, Full wrap
Material Silicon, Vinyl leather
Finishing Anti-scratch, Hardwearing, Matte
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