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Is it possible to return my order?

It's not possible to return customized items, however, you can contact us if you are not totally happy with the item(s) received. We're ready to help you!
Please click on the contact us button below and log in to your account. Choose My Received Product and give us some details about the issue. Our support team will reply to you within a few hours and make sure the issue is resolved.

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How can I make my own personalized item?

Very easily! The design process is simplified into 3 steps. You can use any photo, logos, or text in your design.
1. Choose your product, 2. Upload an image, 3. Checkout.
If you still need inspiration, you can also use one of our design templates. Nobody deserves a boring phone case!

I did not receive a confirmation email, was my order placed properly?

Be sure to check your junk or spam folder. If the confirmation email cannot be found in one of these folders and you have still not received an email from us, please let us know.

Can I cancel or make changes to my order?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. As soon as the order has been placed, it is processed by the production facility immediately to ensure quick delivery. This is an automated process and the robots hate being interrupted. Jokes aside, please make sure you are happy with your design before checking-out.

Where can I track my order?

If you have chosen a shipping method with a tracking link, you will receive the link to track your order via email. You can find this link in the Shipping confirmation email that you’ve received from us. Once you click on it, you will be redirected to the webpage of the carrier you chose.

When will I receive my order?

We offer different shipping methods so you are able to choose whether you want one with a tracking link or not, as well as the time you're willing to wait for the delivery of your order.

What's the difference between Guaranteed and Estimated delivery?

Guaranteed Delivery Date
If you choose a shipping method with a guaranteed delivery date we will give you a more concrete time frame for the delivery of your order. You will receive a tracking link to follow the shipment of your order.

Estimated Delivery Date

If you choose a shipping method with an estimated delivery date we will provide you with an approximate delivery time. This means the order could arrive before or after the time frame given in the checkout. This option does not include a tracking link.


Despite the current circumstances, most orders are being delivered on time. Together with our carriers, we do our utmost to meet the date given, however, situations out of our control can occur. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

What are the shipping costs and times?

The prices below do not include taxes.
  • Standard (USPS) (You don't need to be home, the package fits in your mailbox.) $0.00
  • Standard (USPS Tracked) (You don't need to be home, the package fits in your mailbox.) $5.99
  • Premium (FEDEX) $24.99

Public Holidays

During (Dutch) public holidays and peak seasons please allow extra time for order processing and delivery. On public holidays, orders will not be processed by us or by our carriers. Orders that were placed the day before the holiday and on the holiday itself will be sent out the first following business day.

January 1st. - New Year

April 5th. - Easter

April 27th. - Kingsday

May 13th. - Ascension Day

May 24th.- Pentecost

December 25th. & 26th. - Christmas Day