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YourCustomPhoneCase allows you to design your own phone case or cover for your smartphone or tablet. For the past years, we have been helping people design their own phone cases. Despite our popularity, we continue to delight our customers every day with our high-quality service, deals, and obviously, the quality of the cases they receive. Of course, we cannot brag about the case’s design since it is YOU who chooses what goes on the phone cover. But we can assure you our cases are made of the highest-quality materials, and our printing techniques -UV and sublimation- are second to none when it comes to color enhancement and image resolution. But your new phone case shouldn’t just be practical protection against everyday damage. It should also be a stylish way to show off your personality. That’s why we offer millions of design possibilities. Our easy customizing tool gives you the power to create something close to your heart or to make it unique, just for you. Design your own phone case from scratch, using photos of your last holiday trip, a funny picture of your pet, or show off your artsy skills. We can print almost any design onto your case, to make it as unique as you. Our customer service team is also ready to help you make your new case exactly the way you want it.


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Before you design your own phone case, choose the case type

Before you can start by creating the design of your own phone case, you will have to decide what case you want to use. Choose from an extensive catalog of covers, then let your imagination run free by creating your own designs. We know it is not easy to choose when you are given so many possibilities, so here is a summary.
  • Silicone cases: Ultra Grip, Mediumweight, All sides and buttons protection, Backprint
  • Hard cases: Sleek, Extra Lightweight, Laterals protection, Backprint
  • Hard cases Full Wrap: Sleek, Lightweight, Laterals protection, All-round print
  • Tough cases: Dual layer of a silicone case and a hard case, All sides and buttons protection, All-round print
  • Wallet cases: Ultra Grip, All sides and buttons protection, Front / All-round print, 3 card slots, Foldable to act as a stand
  • iPad Smart Cover: Perfect screen cover for your iPad, Front Print, Foldable to act as a stand

We take quality very seriously, let us show you

At YourCustomPhoneCase, we are passionate about making the best quality personalized cases. This way, you can design your own phone case while we take care of the rest. Each case is made to be the perfect accessory for your phone. We take pride in creating cases that are unique, modern, and stylish. By using the best quality materials, we assure you that your case will last for at least as long as your phone does. As we see it, there is a case for everyone, but not everyone wants any case. Be sure, here is the place where you will find the perfect case for you or your loved ones. So if you are looking to maximize the grip of your phone, we recommend the silicone case which also will protect all the buttons. The hard case, on the contrary, leaves the buttons and top and bottom sides open so the case does not compromise the phone’s shape. It is also super light and you will almost not feel it - it’s perfect if you are looking for an aesthetic change rather than bulky protection. The tough cases, however, combine the best of both. As it consists of two layers, the inner silicone layer will absorb shocks and protect the buttons and edges while the outer plastic layer will prevent scratches and allow your design to last for as long as your custom case does. Of course, all our cases have been created to fit your phone like a glove, and let you use your phone without any problem. All the buttons, toggles, and charging connections will be accessible, plus they allow wireless charging, and all are compatible with our screen protectors. Besides, we print the cases using UV and sublimation printing techniques. This technology assures you high-resolution images and vibrant colors that will bring your design to life from anywhere you look at it. Design your own phone case with us and let our production team impress you or your loved ones with a personalized phone case... So get going, choose your custom case type and start designing now!

Our design tool is easy to use and, of course, FUN

Do you have photos that are too precious to lose? Are you a fan of selfies? Now you can design your own phone case with your favorite photos on them. Add your favorite pictures, collages, or text in a custom design. We, together, can create a case that is as unique as you. The customizing process takes a few clicks and consists of three simple steps. By following them, you will design your own phone case to show off your unique personality.
  1. The first step is choosing your phone case types. Analyze your needs and expectations and choose the case type that adapts to them. But don’t worry if you are not sure… you can always get two! 
  2. Upload the photo you want to print on your case. Do it from your computer or upload it directly from your social media. The higher resolution you use, the better results. 
  3. Add effects, text, and stickers and your personalized case will be ready to print. We will send it to you in less time than you expect! Design your own phone case now!