Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Custom Wallet Case (Full Printed)

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus - Custom Wallet Case (Full Printed)

Ever wondered what your mobile would look like if you were given free rein on the design? Well now’s your chance to banish the boring with a custom Galaxy S21 Plus wallet case. Be the envy of your friends with a design that’s all about you, a blank canvas to express whatever your heart desires. Is it pics of you and your mates on a night out? Or your brilliant artwork or photography? (There’s no room for modesty heer!). Whatever you’ve been pondering, this is your chance to create it and get a custom wallet phone case Galaxy S21 Plus that’s uniquely you.
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Design now!

We’ve put in a lot of hard work behind the scenes to make designing your custom Galaxy S21 Plus wallet case ultra-easy and extra fun. No need to waste time working out how to get things where you want them; just upload your pics to our online customizer tool and follow the simple intuitive steps to get the design you want. Once you’ve locked that in, send it to us and we’ll get it printed without delay. When it comes to printing we’ve got the latest tech to make your design sing. UV printing that produces gorgeous colors and sharp lines. What’s more, it’s resistant to rubbing and scratching so it will last for as long as you love it. Any Galaxy S21 Plus personalized wallet case you order from us is guaranteed to give you easy access to all toggles and buttons and wireless charging, otherwise what would be the point?

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More Information
Type Device Galaxy S21 Plus
Printing: High resolution, UV print, Full wrap
Material Silicon, Vinyl leather
Finishing Anti-scratch, Hardwearing, Matte
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