iPhone 14 Custom Magsafe Premium Protect Case

iPhone 14 - Custom Magsafe Premium Protect Case

Elevate your Apple iPhone 14 with our Magsafe Premium Protect case! This custom iPhone 14 case offers the perfect blend of style and protection. Made from polished plastic and silicone, it boasts high-resolution, UV printing on the back, available in a sleek transparent finish. With Magsafe compatibility, flexible sides, and a hard back, this personalized iPhone 14 case ensures durability. Raised edges protect your screen, while extra protection around the camera keeps your iPhone 14 photo-ready. Embrace a case that truly stands out!
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Features of our iPhone 14 MagSafe Premium Protec Case
  • Flexible silicone (TPU) sides and a durable polycarbonate back
  • Raised edges for enhanced screen protection
  • Extra reinforcement around the camera
  • High-quality, vibrant print on the back
  • Seamless MagSafe compatibility
  • Transparent design to showcase your phone's beauty
  • Shock-absorbing and scratch-resistant
Usage and maintenance

The Premium Protect MagSafe Case for your iPhone 14 is crafted with precision to offer robust protection while maintaining a sleek aesthetic. The flexible silicone (TPU) sides provide a comfortable grip and easy installation, while the polycarbonate back shields your device from impacts and scratches. Raised edges prevent screen damage from drops, and the enhanced camera protection ensures your lens remains protected.

Our technology

Our Premium Protect MagSafe Case features built-in magnets that ensure a secure and precise attachment to your iPhone 14, minimizing the risk of accidental drops or misalignment. This innovative technology also facilitates a secure charger connection and fast, efficient wireless charging. The round magnets and white alignment indicator on the back are essential for maintaining the functionality of MagSafe, providing a stable attachment to MagSafe-compatible accessories and ensuring proper alignment for optimal charging. Despite the challenge of integrating these elements into transparent cases, our design ensures they blend seamlessly without disrupting the visual continuity. Enjoy vibrant, high-resolution UV print designs on the back, checked meticulously by our team to guarantee perfection. Experience fast shipping and a product that not only enhances but also protects your phone beautifully.

More Information
Type Device iPhone 14
Printing: High resolution, UV print, Printing on the back
Material Polished plastic, Silicon
Finishing Anti-scratch, Hardwearing, Matte
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